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Campground Owners

Your customers love the outdoors and connecting with nature in many ways.  If they "connect" with a tick, you can come to the rescue. 


Keep a supply of Rid-A-Tick on hand to demonstrate that you are concerned about the health and safety of your customers. You'll show your guests and employees that you have taken steps to protect them from the diseases carried by ticks.  


This would be a great addition to your campground store and will be a "must have" for any serious camper.  It should be in every first-aid kit, ready for immediate use.


With today's frequent lawsuits, providing our product will demonstrate that you actively worked to protect the health and safety of your staff and customers.


Consider giving a package of Rid-A-Tick to your guests with your campground information attached.  They will remember that you were thoughtful enough to provide Rid-A-Tick for them.  Campers may also purchase Rid-A-Tick for their friends and family from your campground store.


To order, call T Martin Sales at 612-927-0578 or 612-804-5506.


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