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How to use Rid-A-Tick

bullet Remove patch from the paper card.
bulletApply patch adhesive side down onto tick and press gently to securely seal patch to skin.
bullet Wait until tick "backs out" of skin (from 5 to 30 minutes) and fold patch over for easy disposal.


Rid-A-Tick and Pets

Rid-A-Tick patches can be applied to pets as well as humans. Remove patch from the card. With the help of a second person, move hair away from the tick and gently place the patch over the tick. A longer period of time may be needed to extract ticks from pets. A twenty-minute period is recommended.


For heavily blood-engorged ticks, it may be necessary to shape the patch into a funnel and slide it over the tick's body pressing gently. The tick will extract itself once it is being smothered. The tick is now encased in the patch for easy disposal. Each user of Rid-A-Tick will find unique ways of application depending on their pet's fur and temperament.


Important note: Use of Rid-A-Tick does not take the place of the veterinarian prescribed medication and vaccinations intended to reduce the risk of Lyme disease.

Blood Transfer and Rid-A-Tick

When using medical patches to remove ticks from humans, it is possible to greatly reduce the risk of transfer of blood from person to person. The patch separates the human hand from the tick and no blood transfer should take place. Doctors, medical workers, individuals working with large groups of people, campers of all ages, and of course, parents will appreciate and respect this feature.




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