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Don't let your wilderness bound customers head into the woods without a safe and easy way to remove ticks.  Rid-A-Tick is the answer.


You will leave a lasting impression on your customers by providing them something truly useful.  Our individual package of 6 patches gives you an easy and affordable way to demonstrate that you are concerned about the health and safety of your customers.


Keep some on hand for your guides and other staff members and don't forget your pets either.  You'll show your guests and employees that you have taken steps to protect them from the diseases carried by ticks.  


With today's frequent lawsuits, providing our product will demonstrate that you actively worked to protect the health and safety of your staff and customers.


Rid-A-Tick is a product they will make sure to have along on their next outing and having your logo on the package will remind them of your company.  This is an outstanding opportunity to provide something truly useful to your customers that won't be tossed in a drawer like key-chains, pens and other typical promotional products.


To order, call T Martin Sales at 612-927-0578 or 612-804-5506.




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