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Resort Operators

Here's a great opportunity to show your guests that you are concerned for their health and safety. Introduce them to Rid-A-Tick by including a package with their registration packet.  


They will thank you for providing something they can actually put to use in an important way.  It's not another pen, key-chain or chip-clip that ends up tossed in a drawer.  This medical device will be put where it can be readily available if they encounter an embedded tick on a person or a pet.  They will remember where it came from when you attach your logo to the packet. They may also buy an additional supply from your gift shop where our clip-strip or peg pack will especially handy.


With today's frequent lawsuits, providing our product will demonstrate that you actively worked to protect the health and safety of your guests.


To order, call T Martin Sales at 612-927-0578 or 612-804-5506.

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